Crok's personal page

Welcome to Crok's personal page. It concerns one of the most bizarre people in Solihull (and perhaps even the world!)

Just three questions:-

Who am I?

My name is Stephen Crocker. I am currently 20, doing a degree in Computer Science at Cambridge.

Where am I?

Not surprisingly, I live in Solihull in the West Midlands, just south of Birmingham in England (just in case the .uk didn't give it away). I'm not going to give my address, but I live opposite a school with a purple uniform and used to go to the one next to it, which has a green uniform. That narrows it down to one row of houses!

Who are you?

How should I know? I may produce a guestbook soon so you can tell me.

If you want an explanation for my questions, watch Time and the Rani.

I look like this:

Photograph of me NOT dressed as a FrenchmanPhotograph of me wearing the scarf!

The beard's a recent addition.

I do NOT look like this:

Photograph of me dressed as a Frenchman

Not unless I'm helping to organise a Euro evening, that is.

The Cambridge Graphics and Animation Society did this to me:

Picture of me in flames

I have NEVER looked like this:

Photograph of me as an alien

I wonder if the FBI knows about it...

P.S. If you think the last one looks like a pile of dung, don't blame me. Blame Michael because he did it. IIGRTI, I might neaten it up.